Offer Me Your Best Price ;)

Dear All,

Yes, please offer me your best price based on the item description that i'd provided below. Please please and please be reasonable ya. Offer Me! 

1. Batik Pattern (Mini Bag)
Conditions: Excellent. Used 3-4 times only.
Retail Price: RM 29.00
OFFER ME --> ??

2. Overnite Pinkish Tote (Medium Bag)
Conditions: Excellent. Rarely used. Many compartments inside.
Retail Price: RM 55.00
OFFER ME --> ??

3. Authentic Roxy Sling Bag (Mini Bag)
Conditions: Used more than 10 times. Stained mark with arrow in the picture.
Retail Price: RM 50 ++ 
OFFER ME --> ??

4. Liz Claiborne Wallet (Holiday Treats Paisley)
Conditions: New in Box.
Retail Price: RM 130.00 

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